New Super Mario Bro.

New Super Mario Bro.
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Bring back your childhood memories with mario games for pc. Let’s me introduce you a brand new super mario bros games – New Super Mario Bros.

Super mario bros games – New Super Mario Bros

Visually, this fun game has been given a nice, colorful look that brings the Mushroom Kingdom to life again.

Mario retains most of the moves he’s had over the years like run, jump, and shoot fireballs. But the creator has also given our favorite plumber a few new moves to make things a little more interesting. In this super mario bros games, now he can also grab onto walls and ledges and jump from them.

super mario bros games

Super mario bros games – Eating the mega mushroom to grow giant

The mario game has a few new mushrooms which include the Mega and Mini Mushrooms. The Mega Mushroom allows Mario to grow to nearly the size of the entire screen. He can run over pretty much anything that gets in his way.

The Mini Mushroom shrinks Mario down to the size of a peanut. In super mario bros games unblocked – New Super Mario Bros, it allows him access to tiny areas which he normally couldn’t reach. There’s even a Blue Koopa Shell that Mario can wear on his back that he can tuck up into in order to fly at enemies or bust bricks.

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New things in New Super Mario Bros

super mario bros games

Super mario bros games – there’s quite a bit of hidden stuff in the game

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The control of this super mario bros games free will feel very familiar to fans of this series. However, the new moves and mushrooms do add a nice new layer of gameplay to the mix.

In additional, there’s quite a bit of hidden stuff, not to mention 3 gold coins per level to collect, so luckily once you finish the game itself, there’s still plenty to go back and do.

New Super Mario Bros. also offers up some nice multiplayer action with the Mario & Luigi games. In these super mario bros games you get to go head to head with another player in a race to collect stars in different levels

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New Super Mario Bro.
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