First mario game – Super Mario Classic game to play online

First mario game – Super Mario Classic game to play online
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First Mario game is a lot of people in the world. Mario games for pc not only help you entertain but also experience new things. It will not disappoint you.

The first Mario game to play online for kids

Mario is a character in the Mario game franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Japanese video game designer fell in Love. Serve as the company’s mascot and the last is the main character of the film, Mario has appeared in over 200 videos first ever Mario game since his creation. Described as a short, new Italian plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. His adventures generally center upon rescuing Princess Peach from the villain himself.

first mario game

This is the first Mario game that brings for you lots of fantastic moment

Super Mario Classic is one of the original Mario flash game versions based on the original classic. With some new additions that have created a big appeal for the players. This is first Super Mario game that many people love. In this first Mario game online, the brave and kindhearted plumber will continue to make the journey to destroy the monsters and rescue the beautiful princess.

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How to play

In this first Mario Bros game, you will play the role of Mario rescue the princess was taken away by monsters by overcoming the obstruction of each type of monster and obstacles along the journey and finally the monster the greatest and most powerful Evil King Bowser to rescue the Lord. It is a difficult and dangerous journey, but with the bravery and skill of his will hero, Mario will complete.

  • You can use the mouse to play on the computer or touch to play on the mobile
  • Use the arrow keys to move and Z to jump, avoid most things that move!
  • When you get better, try X for running/attack and S for an alternate attack. It all depends on which character you are using.
  • During the first Mario game free try to collect as many gold coins as possible and kill the monsters to get the highest score possible.
  • Along the way, there will be some helpful help for you to find them in blocks. rock.
  • Get ready for the journey with the challenges that await you, destroy all the monsters, rescue the princess and save the kingdom of Mushroom King.
first mario game

First Mario game – Play the role of Mario to rescue the beautiful princess in this fun first Super Mario game

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Find out how to make these screens and skillfully move our character at each level carefully. Because there are many difficulties and hardships. The monsters and obstacles always appear unexpected. You have to have good reflexes to overcome them. Use your weapon at the necessary times and you can jump on the monsters to destroy them.


  • Familiar graphics and sound.
  • There are many levels waiting for you to conquer in the first Mario game.
  • 6 free world maps when unlocked through all levels.
  • Global rankings: points, amounts, levels … are constantly updated.
  • More than 26 engaging missions: unlock levels, make money.
  • Rich items: mushroom, flower, money, shield.
  • Colorful images, sound accompanied by each movement of the game.
  • The game is free and compatible with almost any device.
first mario game

First Mario game – Let play to have the most wonderful experience!

Mario saved the princess with the new version promises many interesting things to you. Join us with legendary Mario characters in each of the exciting games. Photos of Mario who eat the mushrooms and destroy the monsters along the way to quickly rescue the princess. Now, these images are reproduced but are designed with many more novelties. All ready for you to explore!

This fun first Mario game can be downloaded for free and then you can play comfortably without having to pay any extra fees. You can play with your friends in your free time, it will help you to entertain and train your skills. Besides, this game is also a great option for kids, helping them to reflect quickly and learn new things.

First mario game – Super Mario Classic game to play online
5 (100%) 1 vote

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