Lep’s World

Lep’s World
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Enjoy your time with Mario games for 3d. Get entertainment with our new cool mario games – Lep’s World.

Description of cool mario games – Lep’s World

Lep’s World is a platform game with a gameplay mechanism that resembles old Mario games and graphics that seem to be styled after Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario Advance as well as Super Mario World.

In this cool mario games, you play as Leprechaun, and your goal is to find all three golden pots and then make it to the rainbow at the end of the level. On the way, you can collect coins to gain life, either jump on or avoid enemies, and try to avoid losing all your life and hit points in an attempt to make it on all levels.

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cool mario games

Cool mario games – Spending a little bit of time to collect coins so that you can have more lives

When you complete a stage of the cool maria games online, press the playback button instead of the “next stage” button and continue running through the stage, collecting every coin you can find. This Mario game allows you to collect 100 coins each time, and you will have one more life.

cool mario games

Cool mario games – Throwing pinecones at a block to break them

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This cool maria games also have blocks that you need to break to get a certain area, but you can not jump and hit it, just throw a spare at it. Throwing pinecones at a block can break them like jumping under them.

Great features:

Lep’s World is really a cool mario games because it has so many amazing features such as:

  • 160 well-designed levels
  • 8 great characters: Blurgg like Zombie, Long John is Pirate, Super Sam like Robot, Colleen as Girl and more
  • Great animation and graphics in the game
  • 6 different world topics
  • 9 challenging enemies
  • Game service with great achievements and excellent rankings
  • Compare your progress with your Facebook friends!
  • Multiplayer capability
  • Do not miss regular free updates with tons of great content

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Lep’s World
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